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Zen and the art of avoiding the heat and the rains of South Asia in August

There are many reasons for you to not travel to South Asia in August – even if that is the only time you can travel with the summer and the vacations that come along with it. Most will tell you that it rains most of the time in August. When it’s not raining, it is sunny and unbearably hot and humid. If both of them do not bother you, the mosquitoes and the waterlogging and the mudslides are sure to turn your...


Our top picks for 2016 for your family

We have met very few who do not actually like the wild. An encounter with a wild animal is special. It is thrilling. It is beautiful. It is inspiring. It is energizing. For the inquisitive young one or the curious parent, it can be a very interesting experience.   Part of the entire experience is the suspense of it all. A monument could be seen at any time of the day. But an animal will only appear if it wants to and if...

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