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Privacy policy

In a world where google is just a stones throw away, it is important to tell you about the information about you that we use and how we protect your privacy.

Why we need to know about you

An adventure, while thrilling, also involves certain risks. This may include the risk of injury while trekking or the risk of getting bored on a safari. To minimise these risks, we need to know about you. Another reason we need information about you is to design a journey that is best suited for you. Sensitive information like passport copies and credit card details are also needed at the time of booking to submit to hotels or for payment. In India, all hotels require copies of passports as the federal law states so.

How we learn about you

A significant part of what we learn about you comes from you. We then ask a bit about you to the person who has referred you to us or the Tour Operator who has been organising your journey with us. A less significant part on hobbies and tastes comes from whatever we can glean from linkedin or other social media. All this information is readily available on the internet and we do not subscribe to illegal entries to learn about you.

How we protect what we learn about you

We treat what we know about you confidentially. All employees of IndeBo are screened and are from reputed institutes where the ethics of using this information is taught. We share information about you only where necessary (eg. hotels, ground suppliers etc.) and destroy credit card information as soon as your tour is completed. Systems at Indian Outskirts are strictly monitored to prevent data leaks or hacks. Being in a Linux based environment, IndeBo is not attacked by viruses