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Arunachal Pradesh: Birding close to the border

With the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayas, Namdapha has a lot to boast. And a lot to offer. Travel with us and you may discover a new species altogether.

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There are five species of Hornbills recorded from the area. Several species of rare wren-babblers have been recorded in Namdapha. Other bird groups include laughing thrushes, parrotbills, fulvettas, shrike babblers and scimitar babblers. The Snowythroated Babbler is a rare species of Babbler found only in the Patkai and Mishmi hills and nearby areas in Northern Myanmar can be seen in Namdapha.

Other rare, restricted range or globally endangered species include the Rufous-necked Hornbill (pictured on the left), Green Cochoa, Purple Cochoa, Beautiful Nuthatch, Ward’s Trogon, Ruddy Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, White-tailed fish eagle, Eurasian Hobby, Pied Falconet, White-winged Wood Duck, Himalayan Wood-owl, Rufous-throated Hill-partridge, and Whitecheeked hill partridge. Several leaf warblers and migrants such as Amur Falcon and several Thrushes can be seen here. The first mid-winter waterfowl census in Namdapha was conducted in 1994 when species such as the White-bellied Heron, a Critically Endangered bird was recorded for the first time.

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