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Arunachal Pradesh: Hanging Bridges and Tribal Villages

You don’t have to invent sustainability. You don’t have to invent smart living. You just have to travel with Indian Outskirts to Arunachal Pradesh and see it happening there for centuries.

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Travel to Arunachal Pradesh to appreciate a unique way of life – one that was wise to the environment and was a lifestyle that is sustainable. This lifestyle, this evolution goes against all that we know or consider to be our aims. This sustainability is visible in the environment that they live in – that has still remained pristine after millenia of coexistence.

In an era of “smart cities” and “smart ecosystems” we have forgotten that Square 1 was smarter than all we can imagine now. This trip would take us back to Square 1. For long we had considered this lifestyle to be lazy in the face of industrialisation. But as more of us go the organic route and desperately try to unplug, I believe that this trip offers us many lessons.

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