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Bangladesh: A Tiger Tracking adventure!

Journey to one of the great wildernesses that few people ever get to step foot on! The Sundarbans in Bangladesh is the largest remaining contiguous stretch of mangrove forest in the world and has an unparalleled concentration of tigers.

Trip Overview

This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of these huge beasts looking for evidence of their presence as well as many other fascinating species of mammals, reptiles, and birds.  You will be living on board a boat for a week cruising the canals for sightings of wildlife, and frequently disembarking with our highly trained guides to explore the inland forest for tracks and sign.

Expedition Details

Trip Dates: October through March


Duration: 11 Days


Experience & Activity Level: Previous tracking experience helpful but not required. Participants should be in good physical condition.


Accommodation Style: 3 star hotels and cruise cabins


Destinations: Sundarbans National Park, Bangladesh | Kolkata, India


Here’s your chance to explore a mangrove forest that holds the highest density tiger population anywhere in the world. Sundarbans is a delta region in southern Bangladesh that drains seven main rivers into the Bay of Bengal, and is aptly named for the Sundari tree that is a type of mangrove that grows spikes above ground to aid in respiration.


Being the largest contiguous mangrove forest on the planet, it is a mosaic of islands of different shapes and sizes, perennially washed by brackish water flowing in and around the endless labyrinths of water channels. The area is high in biodiversity and hosts a myriad of plant species along with an abundance of mammals, reptiles, and avifauna.


We will begin the adventure by traveling from Kolkata, India across the border to the port city of Mongla in Bangladesh where we will visit the amazing sixty dome mosque at Bagerhat. Afterwards, we will board the cruise for Sunderbans and spend our first night aboard the motor vessel. We will spend the next five days living on the boat and passing through the narrow canals of the delta to spot and observe the magnificent wildlife close by.


We will frequently disembark to explore the beaches and marshes on foot, examining footprints and other sign that we can follow into the mangrove forests. In addition to the Bengal tiger, common species we will search for include the salt crocodile, fishing cat, leopard cat, jungle cat, wild boar, otter, macaque, mongoose, fox, flying fox, pangolin, and chital.


Our expertly trained guides (armed for your safety) will constantly be on the lookout for these magnificent creatures and will teach you how to identify tracks and spoor for each species that we encounter along the way. We will also be using bird language to listen intently for any bird alarms that are sounded, which will indicate the presence of any predators nearby and their movements, thus increasing our chances of being able to spot them.


After we conclude our exploration of the Sundarbans, we will return to the port city of Mongla and then proceed back across the border to Kolkata where you will have a day to explore this fascinating city before returning home, hence adding a great cultural component to your journey. This overall experience will be both an amazing wildlife adventure AND a relaxing cruise in a unique wilderness setting, one that you won’t want to miss!

From our blog

Sunderbans is the name given to a beautiful forest or a forest in which the Sundari tree (Heritiera fomes) grows. At the early stages of the history of the area, the entire Bengal basin was submerged under the sea and sedimentation from the Ganges-Brahmaputra River systems created a landmass, which is today’s Bengal Delta. The first Sundari trees presumably first took root below the Rajmahal Hills, establishing the northern extent of the Sunderbans. Read more.

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