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Chambal: The land of the Gharial

Explore the land of crocodiles, Indian Skimmers, Gharials, River Terrapins, great ravines and a plethora of wildlife nearby. Let iO take you there.

What iO thinks

The Chambal river is a great example of how the absence of human intervention keeps a river unspoilt and a great ecosystem for the residents of the river. By legend, the Chambal was a cursed river. As a result, there was no temple and the river wasn’t polluted by any temple offering.

For a long time, the river was also home to some of India’s most notorious dacoits. Villagers thus didn’t stray far on the banks of the river. Now, this pristine landscape is home to a plethora of wildlife – including the ones mentioned above and a host of migratory birds and Gangetic river dolphins that make their home here. Visit the place yourself and find out how truly magnificent it is.

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