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Gujarat: India’s hidden jewel

Both as a cultural and a wildlife destination, Gujarat is probably the most underrated. The birdlife in Gujarat is simply phenomenal – with deserts, scrubland, and dry deciduous forests.

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Tucked away in the northwestern corner of India and bordering Pakistan and the Indian states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Gujarat is a great bird-watching destination in India. From the deserts of the Rann of Kutch which melt into the arid Banni grasslands much of northern Gujarat is a wasteland which  attracts a wide variety of wintering birds to the thorn scrub and great stretches of seasonal wetlands. Add to this a 1660 km coastline on the Arabian Sea, the famous dry deciduous forests of Gir and the moist deciduous forests in the south, in a landscape interspersed with ancient hill ranges of theAravallis, Satpura, Vindhya and the Sahyadhris, and you have the perfect recipe for some great birding.

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