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Central India: India’s Wild Heart

Central India with its dry deciduous forests is the perfect wild getaway with luxurious lodges and excursions trying to spot animals.

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We prefer excursions with as much variety as possible. So the National Parks of Satpura, Kanha, Pench and Tadoba rank high on our lists. Satpura is especially precious as you get some time to stretch your legs ­ with walks, elephant safaris, safaris by boat, and the classical ones by jeep. It is classic leopard country as well. For a photographer, the best time to travel is May ­ when the leaves have dried up and you can see far. Otherwise, October and February are great times to travel.

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Sitting on a Mac and writing about my experience at Pachmarhi and Satpura is quite a torrid affair. The experience of Pachmarhi and the Satpura range should have been written while walking through the forests, or lazing around eating Poha, or while almost dozing off under a Banyan tree, or while watching two Rockagama lizards battle it out in their quest for mating rites. To stare at a neat blank screen and pen this blog while the sun shines bright and the cars honk loud, is doing injustice to the forests and rivers of the region. Read more.

What kind of bears live in India?

India has 3 kinds of the world’s bears. In the dry deciduous and mixed forests of Central India, are the Sloth Bears – a species predominantly feeding on termites with a long snout and scruffy black coat. It is always interesting to see sloth bear cubs perched on top of the mother as she carries them around.


In the lower Himalayas you’ll find the Brown Bear. Keeping to themselves, brown bears attack only when surprised. The Great Himalayan National Park is a great place to go searching for Brown Bears.


The upper Himalayas are the habitat of the Asiatic Black Bear. Living around the snow line, these bears are had to spot and sighting one involves a great deal of luck. In the summers though, the Black Bear comes down to a lower altitude for food.

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