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Ladakh: The art of living local

Send your child to Ladakh. Let them interact with children from a very different background and with a very different outlook. And let both learn.

What iO thinks

It is said that children are more open to newer perspectives than adults. As adults we tend to close ourselves from the outside world. While in school there are many opportunities that a child has to learn that would not be available later on due to constraints of time or interest. As a result, we would like to expose them to as many avenues as possible – may that be music, art, academics or sports. As we start travelling and experiencing new worlds, it is time that our children imbibe this spirit of travel. If we start out early enough, we will have great young world citizens.

Why is Ladakh called a cold desert?

Ladakh is called a cold desert because, well, it is a cold desert. Most deserts occur in hot regions – may that be the Sahara, the Thar, the Atacama or the deserts of the Middle-East. The heat evaporates a large portion of the moisture from the region and as a result, vegetation is almost absent in a desert leading to soil erosion and thus sand.


In Ladakh, a desert if formed due to a different reason. As the Himalayas rose, they cut off water bearing clouds from the regions of Ladakh and Tibet. As a result, these regions are at a high altitude (thus cold) but devoid of moisture from the rains. Plants could not grow in this atmosphere and Ladakh turned into a desert. The only regions where you would see green patches are farms and river beds.

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