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Ladakh: Spending a lifetime in the Nubra Valley

On the other side of the Khardung La lies the Nubra Valley a region with a million hidden secrets just waiting to be explored. Leave the regular and the ordinary and travel into this unique region.

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For long, Nubra valley has been an overnight stop in programs centered around Ladakh. Almost half a day was spent travelling to Hunder, 5mins were spent appreciating its beauty and half a day was spent on the incredibly touristy domesticated bactrian camels. But Nubra has a lot to offer – including multiple day-hikes and some incredible treks back into the region of Phyang and the Ladakh valley side of matters. Explore more of this region on a trip that is absent from most brochures. After all, this a valley where apricot orchards meet sandy dunes which in turn meet snow-capped peaks – a surreal kaleidoscope of colours and textures.

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