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Miyar Valley: The Himalayas on Either Side

On one side there are verdant green valleys with numerous wildflowers and on the other is a cold desert. In between there is a 32km long glacier.

What iO thinks

What makes the Miyar valley a very interesting trek is that it crosses the trans-Himalayan axis – an imaginary line that divides the Eastern Side from the Western Side. As a result, you would see verdant valleys of Himalayan wildflowers on one side and the cold Tibetan plateau of Zanskar and Ladakh on the other as soon as you cross over the Kangla Pass. As you trek, you would travel from these valleys, to moraines, to glaciers and finally over the pass into Zanskar. Along the moraines you would also see the rare blue poppy.



Length and duration of the trail

The trail spans 6 nights and 7 days with an average of 5-6hrs of walking every day. The total distance covered will be approximately 100mi.



The accommodation would be a combination of camps and homestays.

What Shalabh thought

Miyar Nala was land unknown to me. It was the first time I would have trekked on a glacier. A glacier as in a real glacier, not some chunk of dirty old snow. A glacier 35 km long formed by centuries of snow compacting under more centuries of snow. A glacier with high peaks on both sides with ice falls coming onto it, with the noise of avalanches reverberating through the silent night. It was probably the thrill and romance of walking on a glacier which made me expect a tough start. It was anything but. Read more.

From our blog

The first is a lush green mountain face. The beard is formed by Temperate Alpine forests. Then there is a small stubble of grassland. The top of the Himalayas – snowline and above – form the bald head of this weird old captain. Read more.

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