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Assam: The wild East

Travel with Indian Outskirts to Kaziranga and we will show you a world that has not been explored properly – from the One ­Horned Rhinos to river dolphins.

What iO thinks

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the National Park has been a subject of interest for zoologists and amateur wildfires alike. A great combination of Wetlands and Grasslands helps the park support a host of animals and birds ­ including precious migratory ones that make the lakes come alive in winter. Moreover, it is known for the elephants, the rhinoceros and the tigers that make home inside the park.

What Dr. Kauffels thought

Visiting the Kaziranga National Park in Assam makes the overwhelming biodiversity of wildlife visible to every visitor. Nowhere else in the whole world you can experience the magnificent Indian one­horned rhinoceros in such numbers, being accompanied by the distinctive Arnis, Hog deer, Barasingha deer and a vast variety of birds. The different habitats, varying from woodland to shallow waters and to the impressive elephant grass plains gives the possibility to each interested visitor to adore the unique wildlife from the huge elephants to the very tiny, endemic to Kaziranga and critically endangered Pigmy hogs. May it be possible for the future generations to experience this unique place on our planet!

What Dr. Koelpin thought

The Kaziranga NP in Assam, India, is one of the most magnificent places in the world to watch wildlife. The unique landscape with the wetlands, tropical forest and the mountains in the background, in combination with a high variety of rare animal and plant species make a visit of the Kaziranga NP a lifetime experience. Here is one of the best places to watch Asian Elephants in nature and surely the very best place to watch the famous Greater One-horned Rhino in its natural habitat. You will never forget your trip to Kaziranga NP.

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