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Urban Adventures: The forests of Delhi

The forests of Delhi have always remained an enigma. There are many stories hidden in these trees. They speak of Delhi’s past and about India’s past.

What iO thinks

Delhi’s forests are a unique form of monsoon forests – that sprout leaves during the monsoon. A hike in the early morning through these forests can tell you a lot about the trees in them and the trees of Delhi will tell you stories of Delhi’s past – about indigenous and invasive species. You will learn the uses of the various trees and will be able to recognise trees from their leaf structure. The forest behind Rashtra Pati Bhavan is especially interesting in this regard.

From the blog

There are 2 kinds of people in Delhi – those who are from Delhi (but whose forefathers may have arrived from somewhere else) and those who have migrated here for work or study. In any debate or any situation, you will see a distinct inclination of the former towards the sport of espousing everything that makes Delhi great. On the other hand will see an inclination of the latter towards an equally enthralling sport of arguing why Delhi has got it wrong from every possible angle. For the former there is no heaven like Delhi. For the latter, there is no hell like Delhi. Read more.

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