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The freedom to be adventurous

by Mrs. Malathi Ramaswamy


Having been born before the Independence of India during the British Colonial time
and brought up in a traditional and cultural family I will recount what I remember…..


Though traditional, we had freedom of speech and action as long as we did not hurt any
one by speech or action. I was one among five sisters. We were sent to a good School
and completed our Senior Cambridge. My elder sister was taught Classical Bharatha Natyam
and we were taught classical South Indian Music. Although we had no brothers, we were
treated with affection and hope that we would do well in life.


High Q (28)


We had great women scholars, musicians, dancers and philanthrophists as our guiding force.
Their family stories were narrated to us and we were asked to follow their achievements.


Hence I feel that gender equality arises from the way the daughters are brought up
by the family. Girls are Girls and Boys are Boys. We used to be friendly and interact with the
boys of our neighbourhood. It was not forbidden. There was comradery amongst us and our


Truly, there was no gender bias….


May be this bias is a feature of the present times due to various reasons – a few being, growth of
population, competition in education, job market and primarily a change in the mental attitude of parents due to social pressures and in the social order


I am however confident that all these will change and make things pleasureable and pleasant
for both sexes during the course of time!


IndeBo – the parent organisation of Indian Outskirts – was born out of a romance between a history teacher and her country. Mrs. Malathi Ramaswamy, or Mrs. R, was the first female national tour leader in India and started IndeBo so that travellers could follow routes that they best desired. A great exponent of the textile arts, Mrs. R was instrumental in designing some exquisite themed journeys. This philosophy now embodies Indian Outskirts and IndeBo in researching and designing custom and experiential journeys for our guests.