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Large mammals

An immense diversity in ecosystems helps in bringing about diversity in the fauna of India. From the elusive snow leopard in the high Himalayas, to the Nilgiri Tahr in Southern India, there is an amazing amount to explore. Contrary to popular notions, the tiger is not the only animal worth visiting India for. The country hosts the last population of Asiatic Lions, some of the largest populations of Asian Elephants, populations of Gaur or Wild Bison, the huge horned water buffalo, among the last remaining populations of the One-Horned Rhinoceros and a host of other large and small mammals.To explore all this, a true or budding wildlifer would have to take multiple trips to the country - an endeavour that can eventually become an obsession. Below are a few ideas that you can explore. Find something that interests you and add that to your bucket. We are always around for help if you need any.