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IndeBo is

Indian Outskirts was born out of IndeBo. Since 1979 IndeBo has been working on tailored and themed journeys that explore the Indian Subcontinent in its cultural entirety. From this sense of belonging to a growing country, grew the need to organise business related travel  – incentive related, conference related, or related to study strips.

People say that

“Dear Ravi,


Our incentive trip to India has delivered everything we had hoped and wished for. We’ve enjoyed the many palaces, tasted the spicy food and encountered fascinating animals, including “T39″ the tigress of Ranthambore…


Thanks again for the professional support of the local team. Their involvement and commitment has been a key contributor to the success story of our journey.


I have to pass to you the many compliments that we have received on the subject of the organisation of this incentive trip.


It was a journey that we’ll all remember for many years to come.


Take good care.


G. Geysen

IndeBo is

very proud of this land in it contiguous sense that truly has no borders… It is home – and the only one it knows. IndeBo loves its people, sights and smells, and it wishes to share them with you. IndeBo would be richer with the wisdom that you would bring with you. From that would grow understanding and peace. Thats all.


IndeBo derives from Edith DEecupyre and Karel BOgaert from Belgium, who were mentors and instrumental in getting the fledgling company off the ground in 1979; Ilara and Orlando Cani from Brazil have visited us regularly through the years, and have provided spiritual inspiration; Louis and Pia Van der Wee were early travellers from Antwerp who were great teachers; and a multitude of others who contributed in many ways – big and small.


IndeBo believes that every person is different and thus every trip should be different. It thus does not operate Seat In Coach Tours or sell packages.


IndeBo takes pride in its team and value their capabilities and the ability to do research & design your journey higher than others. As a result, the value of journeys designed for you by IndeBo are higher than those designed by others. It is not the cheapest in the bazaar.

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