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The iO Travel Philosophies

We believe in 5 basic philosophies


Variety is the essence of life. So wildlife journeys won’t focus just on the tiger, but rhinos, gibbons, dolphins, endangered langurs, leopards, wild dogs and as much variety as possible in the forests. The treks won’t focus only on the mountains, but also on quaint villages, the hidden monastery and great company.

Small groups lead to greater awesomeness

We believe in small groups. Most of our clients are families who travel on request or friends who’ve made a group on their own. Small groups help people connect better, reduces the footprint on the land and helps in better co­ordination. On a trek, 6 is the average group size. In the wild, that goes up to 12. Of course, little or bigger bundles of joy are always welcome and there isn’t a cap on those numbers.

Respect for the land

The land is the mother. If we don’t respect her, she will throw us out like she had done through numerous natural disasters where man was too greedy. So campsites have to be cleaned up and plastic has to be reduced. Food has to be locally sourced and silence is a necessity wherever applicable.

Bare necessities

Staying in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t stay clean. Wherever possible there will be camp showers and air mattresses. Camp chairs and tables as well to enjoy the sunset with a hot cup of chai or a bowl of stew. We won’t be able to arrange for a personal butler or a coiffeur for your chihuahua though.

Adventure is everywhere for everyone.

There is an adventure everywhere for everyone. From steep climbs in the Himalayas, to light walks through the forests of Delhi. From endurance cycling in Spiti to a relaxing trip to the Backwaters of Kumarakom. From birding in the Guwahati Dumpyards to wildlife safaris in the pristine forests of Satpura NP.