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Zen and the art of avoiding the heat and the rains of South Asia in August

There are many reasons for you to not travel to South Asia in August – even if that is the only time you can travel with the summer and the vacations that come along with it. Most will tell you that it rains most of the time in August. When it’s not raining, it is sunny and unbearably hot and humid. If both of them do not bother you, the mosquitoes and the waterlogging and the mudslides are sure to turn your journey into a nightmare.


What if, we told you that there are a few hidden secrets that you can travel to during August –  where the monsoon clouds do not bother you and where the sunshine is great but doesn’t melt you into a masala chai. Every region has some secrets and the essence of a secret is when you tell it someone and ask the person not to divulge it to anyone else. In this spirit, we share our secret with you with the hope that you won’t tell anyone else ;). Here are some great places to visit in South Asia during August.


The Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley. Image Credit: Elroy Serrao/ CC BY-SA 2.0


Nubra Valley


Whenever, people travel to Ladakh, Nubra Valley is a day or 2-day excursion that they take. In the past, much of the valley was closed and it was difficult to visit more than Diskit and the surrounds. As more people explored, the valley was seen to be much more and now, the valley necessitates a visit of a week. The time may be spent travelling to the last village of Turtuk, trekking from Leh to the main town of Diskit or exploring the monasteries around the valley on foot. The valley is a lot – and much more than Bactrian camel rides.



The shipwrecks of Batticaloa. Image Courtesy: Artur Kulinski/ CC BY-SA 2.0

The shipwrecks of Batticaloa. Image Courtesy: Artur Kulinski/ CC BY-SA 2.0


The Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka

While the South-West monsoons drench the Western and Southern Coasts of Sri Lanka in greenery, the beaches of the East Coast of Sri Lanka would definitely call out to you. While diving enthusiasts can explore some of the shipwrecks off the coast, others have the option of cycling, exploring Sri Lanka’s great history or simply just lazing around the beaches. A definite must if you want to get away from it all.





Mustang. Image Courtesy: simonsimages/ CC BY-TA 2.0




For a long time, Mustang was known as the lost kingdom. While the region is a part of Nepal, the terrain, religion and culture is more similar to Tibet. For a while there were inhibitions to travelling to Mustang. The region was closed to visitors till 1992. When it opened up, to travel to the capital of Lo Manthang, one had to hike for a few days. Now with a dirt road up to Lo, there are enough opportunities for the leisure and adventurous traveller – from cycling to hiking to driving and being in the heart of the remote.


The Great Lakes of Kashmir. Image Courtesy: Rishabh Sachdeva

The Great Lakes of Kashmir. Image Courtesy: Rishabh Sachdeva


The Great Lakes of Kashmir


While the region of Kashmir may still be on the travel advisories of some countries, there must be something to inspire you to run to the region as soon as it gets off the list. The Great Lakes trek passes around some of the most beautiful of the high altitude lakes in the Kashmir valley ending with the awe-inspiring twin lakes. Along with this, there is the option of travelling around Srinagar and the special Nagin Lake. But travel to Kashmir for the Great Lakes. You will not repent it.


Valley of Flowers. Image Credit: __sandip__/ CC BY-TA v2.0

Valley of Flowers. Image Credit: __sandip__/ CC BY-TA v2.0


The Valley of Flowers


You can’t miss some of the greenery that springs up at this time of the year. You can also not miss some of the redery, the bluery, or the yellowery as mountain wildflowers of all shapes and sizes start blooming in the valley aptly names the Valley of Flowers. This year, a new route opens up in the valley as well and we cannot wait to discover the untold mysteries that that route will bring. Valley of Flowers is great during August.